Lute Song Dinnerware – Complete set

Hello…I have a complete set of Red Wing’s Lute in excellent, unused condition. I was wondering how much you would suggest my set is worth on the retail market today. I have listed what I have below. Thanks so much! -Ophelia

8 dinner plates
8 salad plates
8 bread & butter plates
8 13" oval plates
8 fruit bowls
8 soup bowls
8 pasta bowls
8 cups & saucers
salt & pepper
teapot coffee pot
gray boat divided
serving dish
15" platter
giant salad bowl
sugar & creamer
6 part relish tray
butter dish
ash tray
lidded casserole
15" french bread tray

Answer: You do indeed have a complete set of Lute Song as virtually every piece made in this pattern is included in your list. The celery dish is the only item that seems to be missing. Retail value for this collection would be over $1000, probably in the $1500 to $2000 range. Lute Song is popular with collectors and the harder to find pieces sell for high prices. Keep in mind this would be the retail price for the set in an antique shop, not the amount you might expect to receive if an antique dealer buys the set from you.