Northern Lights pattern

We have a Northern Lights collection, and I really cannot find any information on these pieces. What is the value? and is it rare. The collection that we have are: 8 cups 8 saucers 8 dinner plates 8 small plates 8 small bowls 1 serving bowl 1 platter 1 creamer Any information you can give me on these pieces would be helpful. Thanks! Jenny

Answer: Northern Lights was one of ten patterns made in the Futura shape. A Red Wing brochure described the colors as "soft silver gray with hazy hints of turquoise, dusted with a gray fleck overglaze". A sister pattern named Golden Viking was identical in design but had colors of mustard-gold and soft brown. Red Wing called the design "contemporary Danish". Northern Lights and Golden Viking were made for only a couple of years, 1956-1957. Both patterns are rather difficult to find today but are not considered rare.

You have a very nice starter set with basic place settings for eight plus a couple of serving pieces. Adding more serving pieces such as a casserole, pitcher, beverage server, teapot, S&P shakers, gravy boat, etc. would make this a more complete set. Of course those items are more difficult to find and have more value than basic plates and bowls. The value of the collection that you’ve described would be in the range of $150-250, assuming all items are in excellent undamaged condition. Any damage significantly reduces the value of a piece.