Capistrano Divided Veggie tray

I acquired a stamped on bottom Red Wing dish with 2 sections, each has what appears to be a black and yellow bird with fruit. The pottery has a screen texture with white glaze. It measures 13 1/2" x 8". What can you tell me about this piece? Thanks. Kendra


Answer: Capistrano was introduced in 1953 and was made into the early 1960s. This pattern was designed by Charles Murphy. Murphy was Red Wing’s principal designer from 1941 until the close of the business in 1967. Value for this pitcher is $50-75 if it in excellent, undamaged condition. The value below for your pieces is based on mint condition.


Divided Vegetable Dish $20-25

Any damage (chips, cracks, crazing, hairlines) will diminsh the value by more than half.