Capistrano dinnerware pattern Water Pitcher, designed by Charles Murphy

I have a Red Wing water pitcher. It is 12 3/8" tall, a unique shade of green with a beautifully sculpted handle. What can you tell generally about this pitcher? What approximate year is this from? Is it likely an Eames design? Thank you very much for any information you can provide! Holly

Answer: The item in the photo is a water pitcher from the Capistrano dinnerware pattern, one of six patterns in the Anniversary shape. The color is sage green. Capistrano was introduced in 1953 and was made into the early 1960s. This pattern was designed by Charles Murphy. Murphy was Red Wing’s principal designer from 1941 until the close of the business in 1967. Value for this pitcher is $50-75 if it in excellent, undamaged condition.

Larry Roschen

Holly: You have an Anniversary Shape Water Pitcher in a color called Sage by Red Wing. Anniversary was a line introduced in 1953 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Red Wing pottery industry. There were 6 patterns in the line.   Most collectors would assign this pitcher to the Capistrano pattern, but Red Wing also listed Sage as a color available for Country Garden. Capistrano was produced as a full pattern from 1953-1961 with certain place settings available until 1965. Country Garden was produced from 1953-1957. The Sage Water Pitcher is the easiest Anniversary Water Pitcher to find so it is has a value of $30-$40. The Anniversary shape and the Capistrano and Country Garden patterns were designed by Charles Murphy.
Terry Moe