Bob White tall pitcher, bowl and covered veggie dish with metal warmer

I have a Bob White (vintage) tall pitcher and bowl and also a Bobwhite covered veg dish with metal warmer under it. Could you give me a fair estimate of the price. Thanks Judy Pope

Answer: Given the lack of details or a photo, here are my best guesses about your Bob White items.

Pitcher: $15 to $75 depending on whether it is the 60oz pitcher (12 inches high) or the 112oz pitcher (14 inches).

Bowl: $5 to $300 depending on which of the size and type of bowl. It could also be a hard to find water cooler stand , which is mistaken by many people to be a bowl.

Covered Veg dish with metal warmer: $40 to $150 depending on whether this dish is a gravy boat or one of three sizes of covered casserole. The type of metal warmer (black iron or copper) is also an unknown factor in determining value.