Bob White water jar stands

Larry–It would appear that the Bob White water jar’s stand was discontinued at some point during the pattern’s production span while the water jar itself continued in production until the factory closed. When was the stand discontinued? Also there were two variations of the stand. Which variant came first and when was it changed to the second variant? Thanks. Jim

Answer: Bob White brochures dated 1954, 1955 and 1956 do not include the water cooler or stand. There are two different versions of the July 1957 brochure. One version includes the water cooler with stand as well as the 5-section nut bowl, cocktail tray, and cookie jar while the other version does not. It seems safe to say these items were added to the Bob White pattern in 1957.

Unfortunately the water cooler and stand are not pictured in the July 1957 brochure, nor are they shown in a January 1961 brochure. Brochures dated January 1962 and January 1965 show the cooler on a Village Green shape stand with cutout holes. But these photos may not accurately portray the stand actually available at that time because Red Wing was slow to update the photos used in their brochures. It was common practice to retain the photos and format of a brochure for several years and simply update the item list and prices from year to year. Descriptions in brochures and dealer price lists state "Water Cooler w/cover, spigot and stand" without any further description of the stand, so these documents are of little help in determining when the two stand variants were made.

I’d always believed the Village Green shape stand was available first, followed by the upside down bowl style stand. The Village Green style stand used for Bob White was simply a Village Green warmer decorated in Bob White colors. This piece was in production prior to Bob White, so it would have been available when the Bob White cooler was introduced in 1957. On the other hand, an item in the August 1957 "China, Glass and Tablewares" trade journal shows a Tampico water cooler on the upside down bowl style stand, which proves that style of stand was also available the first year of Bob White cooler production. Both Bob White and Tampico cooler stands were made in both styles. Perhaps both styles were made simultaneously. At this point I don’t have an answer.

The Dealer Price Lists that Red Wing provided to retailers are the best source of info about which items were available on a given date. Price lists from 1957, 1958 and 1959 show only the complete unit consisting of the cooler, cover, spigot and stand as being available. Beginning in 1960 and continuing until 1966 the stand was optional; a cooler could be purchased without the stand. A price list dated August 15, 1966 shows the stand still available as an option. But a Bob White brochure dated 8/66 and the March 1967 dealer price list do not include the stand at all. Thus the cooler stand must have been discontinued mid 1966.