Red Wing Restaurant or Hotel Ware platter

I have a set of 10 off-white oval plates, 7" x 10.5" with a half inch border of embossed lines around the edge. On the back they are marked Red Wing with a vertical wing logo with the type running through the middle in a sort of green black color. They look like some kind of restaurant ware. I’ve been searching online and can’t find any reference to them. I included a photo with the mark from the back pasted onto the front. Do you have any info on them? Approx date? price? Thanks for any help.

Answer: Your platter is from the Hotel or Restaurant line and was made for the restaurant trade. Because it was not intended for home use this line excludes some items (pitcher, coffee server, casserole, salt & pepper, etc) but include others (lobster dish, pot pie bowl, bouillon cup). This line was made in the mid-1960s. Values for this line are rather low for standard white or beige fleck pieces. For an extra charge Red Wing would apply colored trim around the rims; blue, green, pink and yellow trimmed pieces have been found. Custom-ordered plates were made for at least two restaurants (Diamond Jim and Sweden House) and these pieces have considerably more value than the plain ones. Value for this platter would be $15-20 in excellent condition.