Blue Shadows dinnerware

Hi. I have an oval platter, two dinner plates, five salad plates, and a sugar bowl w/ lid in what I believe is the Blue Shadows pattern. One of the dinner plates has a chip on the edge. Can you tell me a little something about this dinnerware, and if it has any value? The platter is 13" x 9", no mark. The plates are 10-1/8" and are marked RED WING HAND PAINTED OVENPROOF U.S.A. and 245. The salad plates are 7-1/2" and are marked the same as the lg. plates, except they have the number 216. The sugar bowl does not have a mark. They are all in excellent shape, except for the chipped plate, and there are stilt marks on the bottom of the sugar bowl along with what I think are glaze pops, also on the bottom. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Gretchen

Answer: Yes, the items in the photo are from the Blue Shadows pattern. It is one of four patterns in the Like China shape. Blue Shadows was introduced in 1966, just a year before Red Wing Potteries closed in 1967. Despite the short production life Blue Shadows dinnerware is fairly easy to find today. Some people collect it but I would not consider Blue Shadows to be among the more popular Red Wing patterns. Approximate values for these pieces (in excellent condition):
Platter: $25-30
Dinner plate: $15-20
Salad plate: $10
Sugar bowl: $15