Lexington dinnerware set

I just received 46 pieces of Red Wing "Lexington Rose" Dishes. There are 8 Dinner plates that have redwing hand painted on the bottom in Red. the rest of these consist of 1 platter (13×10 3/4"), 6 dinner plates, 8 sandwich plates, 8 sausers, 9 cups, 1 teapot w/lid, 1 sugar bowl w/lid, 1 gravy boat, 1 round serving bowl w/handle, 1 serving bowl, and 1 tall pitcher (13") all of these have the red wing logo in blue. Could you tell me the history of these and what the value would be? thank you. I will try to send the photos. Richard


The official name of this pattern is simply Lexington. It is one of many patterns made in the Concord shape. Lexington was introduced in 1941 and was made until 1955. Initially the available pieces included basic table settings and the teapot, pitcher and casserole. The Concord shape proved to be popular and in the ensuing years many new patterns were added. In addition to the new patterns, new pieces were also introduced and were added to the existing patterns. All of the items in your set were available from 1941 to 1955 with the exception of the gravy boat, which was not added to the Concord line until the late 1940s.
Initially Lexington was decorated with lightly shaded colors. The reds were so light as to be nearly pink. Over the years the reds and greens became much brighter and bolder. Thus the colors can be used to estimate the approximate age of your Lexington items.
In the early years of Lexington production an "Open Vegetable" dish was offered. Your "round serving bowl with handle" is an Open Vegetable dish. Red Wing also sold this piece with a cover and called it a casserole. So while most people would consider this piece to be a casserole missing its cover, it actually was available without a cover. The Open Vegetable was eventually dropped and replaced by a divided vegetable dish.
Lexington was a popular pattern in its day. Because it sold well and for a long period there is a lot of it available today. In my opinion the supply is greater than the demand and thus values for most Lexington items are relatively low.
Platter: $20-25
Dinner Plate: $10-15
Salad Plate: $5-10
Cup & Saucer: $5-10
Teapot with cover: $25-30
Pitcher: $25-30
Sugar with cover: $10-15
Gravy boat: $15-20
Open Vegetable (casserole without cover): $10
All values assume excellent condition. Any damage such as chips, cracks, hairlines, or stains will reduce the value significantly.