Rooster Dish 250, individual casserole or marmite

When cleaning out an old house I found a rooster candy dish in cream color. The number on the bottom is 250. I can’t find anything on this, how old is it and what would the value be?

Answer: Your dish marked Red Wing USA 250 is a marmite or individual casserole in the shape of a chicken. This is item was introduced in 1942 along with a marmite in the shape of a fish (# 247). Larger casseroles were also available in both the chicken (# 249) and fish (# 248) shapes. These marmites and casseroles were made until around the end of World War II. The value for your # 250 marmite would be $40-60 if it is in excellent condition. Chips, cracks, hairlines, glaze flaws and staining will reduce the value.