Orleans pieces: covered bowl and plate

My sister and I have inherited some Red Wing pottery that was a wedding present to our parents when they were married in the 1945. The pattern is Orleans and I am wondering how old this set is and the value. We have 5 dinner plates, 1 large round serving bowl, 1 large platter, salt & pepper shakers and a soup bowl or sugar bowl. All are in fair shape as they were used and washed for many years. Photo attached. Thank you. Susan

Answer: The Orleans pattern was introduced in 1941 and was made until 1950. The covered bowl in the photo is a Cream Soup bowl with cover. Your collection of Orleans pieces would be worth around $150 in excellent, like-new condition. But your description of "fair shape" fits most Orleans pieces found today. The glaze was prone to crazing, which leads to stains under the glaze. Add the wear from years of use and it is quite difficult to find Orleans in excellent condition. If your pieces are in average used condition with no significant chips or cracks they would be worth $75-100.