Red Wing 261 teapot, Gypsy Trail line

Hello, I acquired a piece of pottery that has stamped on the bottom "Red Wing USA 261". It is a tea pot. I think stoneware with grape embellishments that go around the top out part of the pot. It is tan in color and the grapes are antiqued with a darker color in the crevases. The lid is the same color but the knob looks like it’s a small grape in two leafs. I have attached a couple pictures. Thank you so much. Stephanie

A sugar bowl and creamer were made to match your teapot. This set is one of three that were made in the mid-1940s and are difficult to categorize. They don’t go with any of the dinnerware patterns but they don’t really fit with art pottery either. The antiqued white color and the design of your teapot resemble the Magnolia art pottery line, But the 261 shape number falls immediately after the last known shape number in the Gypsy Trail dinnerware line. Most likely these were three stand-alone tea sets that were probably sold as giftware. None of these sets is rare, but they aren’t especially common either. The photo of your teapot shows quite a bit of staining, which will reduce the value significantly even if it is in otherwise excellent condition. This teapot in undamaged, clean condition would be worth $50-60.