Concord Line Divided Vegetable Dish

I have a dinnerware peice that looks like a 2 section vegetable bowl. The peice is 11 1/4 in. long 6 3/4 in wide 2 inches deep. Sectioned into two. Looks like one large white flower (maybe a rose) with light green leaves in each section. I can’t make out what it says under the words red wing in between the red wing logo. Then it say 2 (wierd symbol) 3. I found it in my Grandmothers house after she passed away. Curious of the value.

From the dimensions provided my guess is this is a divided vegetable dish from a pattern in the Concord line. But while many Red Wing patterns are decorated with flowers and green leaves, none of them has a white rose. Iris has a flower that is mostly white but it definitely is not a rose. Over the years Red Wing used several different logos to bottom mark their dinnerware. The description of the logo is too vague to identify it; identifying the logo would provide a clue to when the piece was made. From the description provided I cannot identify the pattern of this vegetable dish; a photo would be very helpful.

Most Red Wing vegetable dishes are worth around $25 in excellent condition.