Candle Holder with Red Wing sticker

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I have a candleholder which looks loke a pig but very modern interpretation. He is approx 14 " long and about 4 1/2 inches high with a deep brown glaze, also has vertical ribbing or lines on the side of his body. The candle holder holds three candles, he also has a gold sticker with markings "redwing art pottery", the red wing going straight up. This is, quite possibly one of the most unattractive pieces of pottery I have seen and I am wondering if someone just slapped the sticker on this little piggys bottom hoping to sell it for more to chumps like me, or if this is a genuine piece. Also can you tell me the approximate value, if it is indeed Red Wing,so that I can tell my husband to stop laughing at what I paid for it, which was $2.80. Thank you Mary C

Answer: Hi Mary

your "pig" is indeed made by Red Wing. It actually belongs to a line of dinnerware called Ceramastone, from around 1967, some was actually sold at Sears. It has a value of around 30.00 or so. Look who’s laughing now! Ha! thanks, steve n rose


Answer #2:

HI Mary, This stylized pig is a Triple Candleholder from the Ceramastone dinnerware line. This line also included a Single Candleholder in the shape of Tiki figure. Six patterns were made in the Ceramastone shape. The dark brown triple candleholder would go with two of them, either Heatherstone or Hearthstone Beige (one of the two Ceramastone patterns made exclusively for Sears). The value for this piece in excellent undamaged condition would be $40-50. The Ceramastone line was introduced about a year before Red Wing Potteries closed forever in 1967, so it was made for only a brief period. The triple candleholder is one of the more difficult pieces to find today.