#258 teapot, Gypsy Trail Hostess Line

have a teapot looking pottery, with the number #258 on the bottom. What can you tell me about it? Thank you

Answer: Red Wing made a teapot that is marked "Red Wing USA 258" on the bottom. It is one of many Gypsy Trail Hostess Ware items, a large group of kitchenware pieces made during the World War II years. They were intended to be mixed and matched with any of the Gypsy Trail dinnerware patterns.

The #258 teapot was introduced January 1944, towards the end of Gypsy Trail production. Collectors often call it the Saturn teapot because the basic shape is round and it has a raised diagonally positioned ring around it. This teapot is quite popular with collectors because of its unique shape. We don’t have precise production dates, but most Gypsy Trail production ceased shortly after the end of WWII. Value for a 248 teapot in excellent condition ranges from $75 to $150, depending on the color. Flaws and damage reduce the value significantly.