Blossom Time pattern

I have the opportunity to buy a 6 place setting of Blossom Time dinnerware, all good condition, with serv. bowl and platter, sugar and creamer. It is 6 dinners plates, 6 salad plates, 6 cup/aaucer and 2 soup bowls. Please tell me the rarity of the pattern and if $150 is a reasonable price. Thank you.

The Blossom Time pattern is not rare, in fact it is rather common. $150 for the set you describe is a fair price — not a bargain but not overpriced either. If you like the Blossom Time pattern and the pieces in this set are in excellent condition, this would be a very nice starter set. Many other Blossom Time pieces were made and are available to build your set. And that’s what most of us enjoy about collecting – the search for new pieces to add to our collections.