Driftwood Serving Platter

Hello. I have a piece of Redwing Pottery with the Driftwood design on it. It is a rectangular dish with a slanted base. We do not know when it was made, what it is called, what it was made for. It’s dimensions are 10 1/2 inches long by 7 inches wide. Even though it has a rectangular form, it’s outside line is indented on each end and side, plus it has rounded corners. It’s a very nice dish. The sloped style makes it hard to use as a serving piece, anything slick or slippery will not stay on. Could you give me an idea what it’s name and use is, and possibly it’s value? Thank you so much! Jennifer Zelhart P.S. It was found at a thrift store and purchased for $0.50.

Answer: Driftwood is one of six patterns in the Anniversary shape. The first Anniversary patterns were introduced in 1953; Driftwood was the last pattern in this line and was introduced in 1955. Price lists show Driftwood as being produced through 1961, after that only the remaining stock on hand was available.

The piece in question is a Bread Tray, according to Red Wing brochures. The smaller spoon rest also has a similar slanted design. Value for a Driftwood bread tray in excellent condition would be $25-35.