iris pitcher, removal of paint

I was at an estate sale and purchased a Iris pitcher(large size). It looks like who ever had it painted it white as the paint is chipping and it is green under it. What colors did they come in? How would I beable to get the paint off without harming the original finish. I am assuming it is glazed under the paint. Thanks Joe

I’m not sure exactly which pitcher you have. The Iris dinnerware pitcher was made in mulberry and chartreuse colors, not green. Perhaps you have a stoneware pitcher?

It’s also difficult to advise on paint removal without knowing more about the paint. Is it oil based or latex? If this were my pitcher, I’d first try soaking it in hot water then scrubbing it with a non-metallic kitchen scrubber. It probably won’t work but it also shouldn’t cause any harm. If that doesn’t work, I’d next try a dab of paint stripper on a less visible part of the pitcher, perhaps on the inside surface of the handle. This shouldn’t harm the glaze but I can’t make any guarantees. If the stripper works and the glaze doesn’t show ill effects, try this again on a larger area and keep proceeding if all goes well. There may be better methods to accomplish this but it’s an area in which I have no experience.