Gypsy Trail Orange Punch Bowl

Hello! Can you verify this is/is not Red Wing?Bowl measures 12 1/8" in diameter, stands 6 3/4" tall, has an orange exterior with a cream color interior, outside is a stepped concentric ring pattern with vertical strips, unmarked, any information would be helpful. I can send other pics. Thank YOU!Steve Pic is located at:

The bowl depicted in the provided link is a Gypsy Trail punch bowl, definitely made by Red Wing. This piece was introduced in 1936 or 1937. It is shown in an undated catalog and listed as a "Punch Bowl Set or Tom and Jerry Set".

This bowl was available in two styles; either with a pedestal (like yours) or without the pedestal. The catalog lists three available colors: orange with white lining, blue with white lining or solid white. Also available were 7oz "fluted mugs"; these mugs have concentric rings similar to the bowl, with a wooden handle that attaches to the mug with metal clasps. Dealers could purchase either style bowl or the mugs by the dozen, or could buy them as a set consisting of one bowl with 8 mugs.

The Gypsy Trail punch bowl is not easily found today. Nearly all that I’ve seen are like yours, the pedestal version in orange. Value for your bowl would be around $100, assuming excellent condition.