Lupine Dinnerware collection

I have a platter, 2 pitchers, and salt & pepper shakers with yellow flowers and gray leaves. The salt shaker has a crack, the top "lip" is broken off (clean break, and I have the piece), and it is discolored at the base. All other pieces are in great shape. I’m planning to sell it on eBay and haven’t a clue what to ask. Thanks for your help.

Answer: The name of your pattern is Lupine. This pattern was produced in the mid to late 1950s. It was not a big seller and is quite difficult to find today. But it also isn’t in high demand by collectors, so values are only about average for Red Wing dinnerware.

You should find pitcher collectors who would be interested in your 1 and 2 quart pitchers. Values would be around $40-50 for the smaller 1 quart pitcher and $50-75 for the larger 2 quart pitcher. The platter would most likely be of interest only to collectors of this pattern; its value is in the $20-30 range. All of these values assume excellent condition. The badly damaged salt shaker is worth little or nothing. Your salt & pepper shakers might interest somebody with a lone salt seeking a matching pepper, or perhaps a collector who is willing to settle for a damaged salt until a better one turns up. Value for the pair in this condition might be $10 or so.