Jack Frost Cookie Jar

Hi, I am interested in finding out the approximate value of this Jack Frost Cookie Jar. There is a hairline crack around his neck where it appears he had his head very carefully glued back on. No attempt was made to touch up the jar. There is a flea bite chip on the rim of the lid, Right under Jack’s foot as shown on the photo, And a very small chip on the tip of Jacks right ear. The base of the jar is elongated. The height of the jar is 12 inches from the top of the cap. Thank You, Bonnie

Answer: In mint condition this cookie jar the value would be in the $400-500 range. It’s difficult to say what a interested buyer will pay for a damaged piece as it depends a lot on the buyer’s tolerance level. Some won’t touch a damaged item, others will accept it on a hard-to-find item. Even though the Jack Frost cookie jar is rare and desireable, the damage on this jar is significant so I’d reduce the value by around 50%