Coookie Jar, New Red Wing Stoneware

Hello – I bought this jar, I guess it’s called, at a consignment store a few years ago. It doesn’t look like any other red wing pottery on this site, so maybe it isn’t? It is about 14" from bottom to top of lid and 13" from handle to handle. It says Redwing Pottery Co Redwing MN on the bottom stamp. It is in mint condition. I know nothing about Redwing, I just love the jar! I would appreciate anything you can tell me about it. Thank you!

Answer: This is not a vintage Red Wing item. The original Red Wing Potteries closed in 1967. In the late 1980s a new business was established, and in 1990 or 1991 this new company took the name Red Wing Stoneware Co. There should be a blue ink stamp mark on the bottom with this company name and a wing inside a circle. This jar was made sometime since 1990, and most likely is still in production.

"The New" Red Wing Stoneware does not make replicas of vintage Red Wing pottery items but instead makes newly designed pieces "in the Red Wing style". The front pattern on the front of your jar is found of their items. The pottery is located on the north end of Red Wing, MN. Their wares are available for sale to the public at the pottery itself and at gift and craft shops around the country.