Village Green?

I have a piece and im not sure if it is red wing or not it look like a village brown green bean pot but it has not red wing symbol or any marking at all on the bottom or any where else on it. I would send you a photo if i could but if you could tell me what it is and what it is worth i would like to sell it on ebay Thank You! Aimee

Answer: Sorry, I can’t determine what you have without a photo or more details about the item. What are the dimensions? What are the colors? Does it have handles? Does it have a cover? Are there "ribs" (lines) on the sides of the pot? Etc, etc.

Many Village Green pieces are not marked with the Red Wing company name, but there are also similar items made by other potteries that are easily confused with Village Green. Many of them are also unmarked. Without more details about your item I cannot identify it, and without the identity of the item I can’t provide a value.