Fruit Pattern

I have 4 dinnerware plates, 1 soup bowl with handle, 1 oblong plate, one sugar dish with a handle on each side, 1 creamer with long spout and a double square bowl with divider in middle. Color is pink with fruit. Pear(yellow) on left side, apple(rose) on right and grapes(purple) above apple and yellow flowers with green leaves above pear. A number 3 is on the back of soup bowl.

Answer: No question is included with this post so I’m not sure what info is sought. And without a photo or more detailed description, I can’t be sure about the identity of some items listed.
The name of this pattern is Fruit, one of many patterns in the Concord shape. Fruit was designed by Belle Kogan, introduced in 1952, and discontinued in 1955. The dinnerware plates are worth $15 to $25 each. If the "soup bowl with handle" is rather large in size and has a single long handle, it is a casserole without a cover. Value for a coverless casserole would be under $10. The "oblong plate" could be a chop plate (platter, $25-30) or a celery dish ($15-25). The "sugar dish" apparently does not have a cover; if it is round it is indeed a sugar bowl, if squarish in shape it is a cream soup bowl. Either piece without a cover is worth around $5. The creamer is worth $15-20. The "double square bowl with divider" is a divided vegetable dish valued at $25. All values assume excellent condition; chips, cracks, flakes and other damage will reduce the values significantly.