cookie Jar

My Mother recently died and left me this cookie jar. I was wonderingif you could tell me anything about it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Michael Baker

Answer: MIchael, this is not a vintage cookie jar made by the original Red Wing pottery, which closed in 1967. This jar was made by the new Red Wing Stoneware Company, which took the defunct company name in 1991. The company logo (wing and company name in circle, applied via blue ink stamp) should be on the bottom of the jar.

This pottery is located on the northern outskirts of Red Wing, Minnesota and makes a variety of stoneware items "in the Red Wing style". In addition to their own line of wares, they also contract with civic groups and companies to produce limited edition pieces. The artwork on the front of this jar appears to be the Quaker Oats logo, and most likely this cookie jar was made for the Quaker Oats company. They might have been distributed as a promotional premium, as an employee reward, or a company sales item.

There is probably a resale market for newer items like this but I’m not familiar with it. I’d guess this jar is worth somewhere around $50.