Brittany Candle Holders

I have several pieces of Brittany dinnerware, which by looking at your website, I can estimate their value. However, I have two candle holders that match the Brittany dinnerware. Do you have any idea what these would be worth. I have never seen them on Ebay. Thank you, Cindy Anderson

Answer: Cindy, candlesticks were available for the Brittany and Orleans dinnerware patterns throughout their production life. They are shown in the earliest 1941 catalog and on a July 1949 price list near the end of production. An interesting point about these candlesticks is that they are not identical. A true pair has both a left and a right candlestick, with the position of the upright leaf differing on the two pieces.

The candlesticks are not easily found today, especially in excellent condition. They likely didn’t sell as well as the basic serving pieces, but their fragile nature also contributes to their scarcity. The extended upright leaf snaps off very easily, and there are many protruding points that are easily chipped. I’ve seen both Orleans and Brittany candlesticks on eBay but not often, and usually they have damage of some kind.

A true pair of Brittany candlesticks in excellent, unrepaired condition would be worth in the neighborhood of $100, perhaps a bit more to the right buyer. Damaged candlesticks still have value because of their scarcity but the amount should be reduced 25 to 75%, depending on the extent of the damage. Currently there is more demand for Orleans than Brittany, so the value of an excellent pair of Orleans candlesticks would be a little higher.