Lotus Dinnerware Pattern

Hi! I have just recently aquired a box full of Red Wing Lotus Patten dinnerware from my Grandmother’s house and I think it is beautiful. I want to get everything that goes with this pattern and I was looking to find a list of evething made in this pattern; salt & pepper shakers, water pitchers, butter dishes etc….Could you let me know where such a list is and how I can get one? Thank You, Kim Leftwich Odessa, Texas

Answer: You are in luck! There is a website that shows a photo of all the various pieces made in the Lotus pattern, including many rare pieces. The owners of this website (Todd and Ivy) are serious collectors of Lotus. Initially the website was devoted to only Lotus dinnerware; eventually they expanded it to include other Red Wing patterns.

Go to http://www.redwingdinnerware.com/, then select Master Index from the column on the left. Find the Lotus plate (far right side) and click on it. All patterns in the Concord shape will appear in the column on the left side. Scroll down to the Lotus plate and click on it. A large photo of a Lotus plate will now appear. Now scroll further down the left side to "Dinnerware" and click on it. All of the various Lotus pieces will appear in the left column. Click on any of these pieces to display a large photo and text. Enjoy!