Falconer Canisters

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I recently purchased a set of four (4) canisters at an auction. I have tried to look up the pattern and the value on the web and keep coming up empty handed. I have all four canisters with all the lids, and they are in mint condition. They are all stamped on the bottom with "Red Wing Falconer Stoneware" not sure about the Falconer part but it looks like that on all the pieces. Could you please tell me the pattern and the approx. value? Thanks Sara


Sara, Your canisters were not made by Red Wing Potteries. They were made by Falconer Stoneware of Red Wing, Minnesota. This new company originated in the mid to late 1980s and has no connection to the original Red Wing potteries. In the early 1990s the name of this company changed from Falconer Stoneware to Red Wing Stoneware Company; the company mark used on their products also changed at this time. Thus your Falconer Stoneware canister set is 15 to 20 years old. I don’t know the pattern name or what current values might be for this set. Thanks Larry