Crocus Pattern

Hi. I have several pieces of a pattern that is from either 1960 or 1961. It is white, with green and lavender (), and I believe the pattern name is lotus blossom (I could be wrong, I can’t remember). I am considering selling them, and I’m wondering what to ask. I have a very large salad bowl, what looks like a vegetable or relish tray with fitted bowls, dinner plates, etc. Hopefully, this is enough information to get my question answered. Thanks Mary M.


From your description I believe you have items from the Crocus pattern, one of the patterns in the True China line. Crocus apparently did not sell well and is difficult to find today. True China patterns were introduced in 1960. Crocus appears in the 1961 and 1962 price lists. I don’t have a 1963 price list but I suspect Crocus was not included. I am not aware of any collectors of the Crocus pattern but no doubt they exist. There are also collectors who seek one of a certain item from each Red Wing pattern such as a teapot, a S&P shaker set, a cup & saucer, etc. These collectors are eager to find Crocus pieces in their specialty.

Your description refers to a relish dish with fitted trays. This is the 6-piece relish, a piece made only in the six True China patterns. If yours is complete and in excellent condition, it is worth at least $200 and perhaps considerably more to the right collector. Crocus teapots and beverage servers are also highly prized and worth at least $200. I’m not aware of people who collect large salad bowls but yours would certainly be of interest to anybody building a set of Crocus; the value should be around $50. Dinner plates are sought by dinner plate collectors and are worth $25 to $50. All values assume excellent condition.