Blossom Time Service

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I am looking for any information regarding the Red Wing dishes
that belonged to my grandmother. I have a complete service for 8 including
casserole and serving dishes. Since I know nothing about the dishes I have
attached a photo.

I also have a complete service for 8 including casserole and serving
dishes in the Lotus Concord 1941 pattern and would like information about
this dish set.

Thank you for you help.

Monica S.

The pattern in the plate in your photo is Blossom Time. Lotus and Blossom Time are both patterns in the Concord shape, which was first produced in 1941 in the Harvest and Lexington patterns. Lotus was introduced in 1947 and made until 1957. Blossom Time was introduced late 1949 or early 1950 and discontinued in 1955.

"Complete set" does not provide sufficient information to price a set. The term means different things to different people, and does not define which accessory pieces are included in the set. Condition of the pieces is also a critical factor in determining value. Lotus and Blossom Time are comparable in value. Dinner plates are worth $10 to $15, salad and bread plates $5 to $10, teacups & saucers $10 to $15, small bowls $5 to $10. Casseroles are worth around $25. All prices are retail and assume excellent condition.