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We bought some Red Wing Bob White dishes over 10 years ago & this small teapot was included. It has no marking on the bottom. The glaze is identical to the pattern. It is about 4" tall & almost 13" around. But as you can see is void of decoration. Could you please tell me if it belongs to this group & a value? The piece is in great condition. Thanks for your time & help. Pat

Pat, Only the top half of your teapot photo came through, so I can’t view the bottom portion of the teapot. I am not familiar with this teapot, and don’t think it was made by Red Wing. The glaze certainly resembles Red Wing’s beige fleck glaze but the specks don’t seem look right — they are too broad. This the teapot isn’t part of the Bob White pattern, nor is it from any other Red Wing dinnerware pattern. While it certainly has the Red Wing look, I don’t believe this teapot was made by Red Wing. Thanks, Larry