Red Wing Bakeware

I have some Red Wing Bakeware which I inherited 40 years ago. I just found out what it is, as only 1 of the pieces is marked. I have donated it to a small local museum for their yard sale on Saturday. Having identified it, I am now concerned that 1) it go to someone who will appreciate it and 2) we get a fair price for the museum. Approximately what price would be appropriate for the yard sale, or, if there is a collector’s market for the Bakeware, would it be better to withdraw it from the sale and pursue that, with proceeds to the museum? I have 4 large plates, 2 small plates, 1 medium size oval casserole with lid, 4 small oval casseroles with 3 lids, 4 cups and saucers, and a teapot. One of the small casseroles has a chip, and another piece has a crack. Otherwise, they are in beautiful condition. There are 4 other pieces which are probably another pattern. Thanks, Sharon

Sharon, There are certainly collectors of Bakeware but the values for this pattern aren’t particularly high. Most of the pieces you’ve mentioned are quite common and supply is greater than demand. Collector values for the plates are $5 to $15, cups & saucers $10 to $15 per set, the medium casserole $20 to $25, the small casseroles $10 to $15 apiece (less if missing lid, chipped or cracked). The teapot is the most valuable piece. In excellent condition it would be worth $30 to $50, depending on glaze flaws. Glaze skips and breaks are common with this pattern; a teapot with a smooth clean glaze could fetch the upper end of the price range. Thanks, Larry