Chuck Wagon and Round Up Dish

Hi, I have a piece that says Red Wind USA on the back. I don’t know any thing about glaze but I think from what I could find on my own, that I have a Relish dish in the Chuck Wagon or Round Up pattern. It is divided into 3 sections and has a handle. It has a tiny chip on the back of the handle. I was wondering if it still had any value and if so, how much? There is no chuck wagon on it, only 2 cowboys. Thank you, Janis

Tough to assess damage without a photo, but your relish dish still has value. To my knowledge there is no difference in the cowboy artwork for a Chuck Wagon and a Round Up relish dish. The plates had different designs but that was about the only difference in the patterns. Assuming the chip is very small and on the backside of the piece as you describe, the value of your relish would be in the $30 to $50 range. Thanks for writing, Larry