Bob White Pattern

I have a dinnerware set of Red Wing Bob White pattern & the majority of the pieces has a yellowness on the pottery, mainly being on the outside edging or outer parts such as the cups. I have tried oops (b/ c I thought it was nicotene..cig smoke) but that didn’t remove it & usually Oops cleaner does. I soaked pieces in Oxyclean for over 6 hours & never phased the yellow. My question is: is this yellowness suppose to be there? If not, what can I use to get rid of it? Enclosed is a picture of a plate. Again, the yellowness is mainly around the outside edging…none in center of pieces at all. Thanks, Patty

Answer: {mosimage}
I don’t see any abnormal discoloring on the plate in the attached photo. The color may be a bit darker towards edges but it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. Perhaps the glaze is built up a bit thicker in these areas than on the flat portions of the plate, giving the edges a yellower appearance. You might gently try a little mild abrasive cleaner such as Soft Scrub on a small area to see if it has any effect. But my guess is this is a natural aspect of the glazing process. Thanks, Larry