Midnight Rose

We recently went through boxes packed when my in-laws were alive. We discovered pieces of black and white dishes with Red Wing and what appears to be a red wing painted on the bottom of the pieces. The dishes are white with black roses (I think its roses). Is this actually Red Wing dinnerware/pottery? Thanks Linda

Midnight Rose is the name of your dinnerware pattern. Plates in this pattern featured a rose drawn in black (like a pencil drawing) on a white background. The plates were marked "Red Wing" on the bottom with a pinkish-red ink stamp. Accessory pieces were made in solid black with white interiors, although the set could also be purchased with all-white pieces borrowed from the Tweed Tex pattern. Midnight Rose is one of six patterns made in the Anniversary shape, and it had the shortest lifespan of the six. It was made for only a couple of years in the mid-1950s. Apparantly the black color scheme did not catch on with buyers and the pattern was soon dropped. Thanks Jeff and Sue