Cookie Jar

I have a cookie jar that was given to me by my mother a number of years ago. They rec’d it as a wedding present in the early 30’s. At one point I remember finding a value of $150. on it in a Red Wing book. My daughter has gotten into Ebay and brought to my attention that they have a listing for the Cat Tail Cookie Jar/approx 8" high-Cookies written on front on an angle/top and bottom in brown w/center in lite brown. She said it was listed beginning at 9.99 and has a bid of 18.00 todate. I looked it up and told her that it is a great deal and/or someone has something that they do not know the value of. Is this Mom nuts or is the seller? Thank you in advance for giving my question your attention. Sandra

Sandra some people start their bids low, others have no clue as to what some things are worth. I used to inform people about paying high prices for new Van Briggle, but I have since given up a long time ago——– Caveat Emptor!! Your principles are good, thank you for that, but trying to educate the masses of Ebay is a daunting task. steve n rose