Looking for Lotus Concord

I am looking for an approximate value of the Red Wing dinnerware set- "Lotus Concord"- that was my grandmother’s. The following items are in the set:

1 Large Serving Platter
4 Large Serving Bowls
1 Relish Tray
1 Small Serving Tray
1 Small divided Tray
2 Serving bowls with lids
1 Butter dish
1 Sugar Bowl
1 Creamer
1 Coffee pot
1 Milk pitcher
1 Gravy boat
1 Small salt & pepper shaker
18 coffee cups with saucers
16 luncheon plates
16 bread plates
13 dinner plates
8 dessert plates
12 soup bowls
13 vegetable bowls

All of the dishes are in good shape, some of the plates have that "cracked" look. And I accidentally broke one of the handles off of one of the serving bowls w/lid, while washing it. That was when my aunt asked me if I ever looked into how much the dishes were worth. I said if you can’t use them, what is the point of having them. She suggested that I not use them until I find out, she thought I would be surprised since they are Red Wing.

Thanks for your help!

Kris, Lotus is a very collectible pattern, although supply seems to be higher than the demand for the more common pieces in the pattern. You have a lot of the common pieces (cups, saucers, plates, bowls) and the numbers don’t match up. Essentially you have a service for 12 with numerous extra serving pieces along with quite a few accessory pieces.

You did not mention the color of your accessory pieces. They were made in chartreuse, gray or metallic brown (commonly called bronze or gunmetal). The values aren’t much different but a potential buyer well likely have a preference for one color over the others.

You describe the dishes as being in "good shape". Does that mean nearly perfect condition with no chips, nicks, cracks, hairlines or stains? Or does that mean good but used condition with a few of the usual chips and nicks that tend to occur with use? Collectors are looking for pieces in mint condition; even slight damage on a common pattern like Lotus will reduce the value significantly. The "cracked look" is called crazing, and most collectors will also reduce the value for crazed pieces.

Assuming near mint condition, I’d estimate the value of your set at $400 to $600. This may be a bit high because of the large number of common pieces included with your set. Buyers may not be willing to pay top dollar for so many extra common pieces. Again, damage will reduce this value.