Capistrano Creamer & Sugar

I have a creamer& sugar(w/lid) set in the Capistrano pattern, EXCEPT this set is in a rust or a clay? color – the lid is the same as the green set. Could you please tell me something about it? So far, it must be "one of a kind"!!?? Also, I have two coffee cups in white/cream that I’ve not seen elsewhere – the Capistrano pattern. Thanks for any info you can supply!! Penny

Penny, Without a photo it’s impossible to accurately assess pieces in non- production colors. Capistrano was one of six patterns made in Red Wing’s Anniversary shape. Production colors for Anniversary accessory pieces were Sage green, gray, white, black, Dawn pink, Shell pink, and turquoise. None of these could be mistaken for rust. Your rust colored pieces might be rare and unusual Red Wing test pieces. More likely they are post- production "hobby shop" pieces made from old Red Wing molds. Or maybe they are unglazed bisque pieces. Or they might be items from some other manufacturer that were "married" with your set because they fit well. It isn’t possible make a determination without a photo.

White cups in the Annversary shape were a standard production item, usually associated with the Tweed Tex pattern. Thanks Larry