Hamms Beer Pitcher

Hello, I have a special commemorative that I won at the 2000 convention. The Hamms beer pitcher with the song verse, I am considering puting it up for sale. I am wondering if there is outlet for such an item somewhere in Red Wing, or if my best bet would be Ebay? I am appreciative of any assistance you might be able to offer. Sincerely, Janice Palmer, Katy, Texas

Janice, The RWCS convention auction would be my recommended sales venue for most RWCS special commemoratives. But your 2000 Hamm’s special commemorative pitcher may be of interest to both Red Wing and Hamms collectors, so you may have better success making it available to both groups. That would mean selling it on eBay. An ad in the RWCS Newsletter and the Hamm’s collectors group newsletter would be another alternative, especially if you are concerned about achieving your established price.

By the way, use of the Hamm’s verse on the special commemorative was authorized by the Miller Brewing company, owner of the Hamm’s brand at the time. So it can be considered an authenticate piece of Hamm’s memorabilia. Larry