Cake Plate

I have an old cake plate marked ‘Red Wing USA’ on the bottom. It has a base about 3 1/2" tall that flares at the bottom and is fluted. The underside of the platter is fluted as is the outside 1 1/2" of the top. The color is yellow and kind of speckled. Can you give any information on this? Thank you, Jeff

It’s listed as a cake salver or cake plate in various Art Pottery catalogs of the late 1950s. I believe it was introduced in 1955 and it is listed in catalogs through 1958. I do not find it in catalogs from 1959 or later. According to these catalogs the available colors were Colonial Buff, Luster Black, Matte White, Fleck Zephyr Pink, Fleck Nile Blue, Fleck Green, Fleck Yellow, Cinnamon, and Meadow Green. The cake plate was also decorated in the Tampico dinnerware pattern, although it is not listed on any Tampico brochure or price list to my knowledge.

The correspondent’s cake plate is Fleck Yellow. I’m not sure about the value of this piece; I’d guess around $25 to $30 but that is just a guess. Steve and Rosa may have a better idea. Thanks, Larry