Golden Viking Pattern

I have inherited a complete service for 12 of the Red Wing Golden Viking pattern (Futura Line). I believe this was produced in 1955. Can you tell me how I can determine pricing so I can sell these dishes? Thanks Nancy

Nancy, The best price guide currently available is "Red Wing Dinnerware Price and Identification Guide" by Ray Reiss. It’s a 40 page softcover book that retails for $12.95. It is available at shops that sell books about antiques and collectibles, or can be ordered directly from the author via his website: Be sure to obtain the most recent price guide, which was released in 2003.

Keep in mind a price guide is just that — a guide, not a list of absolute values. Antique dealers will offer you prices well below the "list price" because they need to resell the items and realize some profit to stay in business. Finding a collector to buy an entire set can be difficult, especially if you hope to sell for top dollar. A significant discount is usually necessary. Selling individual pieces yourself may fetch top dollar for the most desirable items (accessory pieces such as pitchers, teapots, S&P shakers, etc) but could leave you holding the more common serving pieces (plates, bowls, cups) without a buyer. Selling pieces individually will also likely take more time and effort on your part. These are all factors. There is no right or wrong way, it’s a matter of what works best for you and your situation. Larry