Brittany ware

I recently inheritted a set of my grandparents Red Wing BRITTANY ware. Though it’s extensive, some pieces– such as sugar bowl and some tea cups– are missing. Can you refer me to someone, or a company, from which I can purchase pieces? I’ve tried, but they don’t have anything. Thanks! Erik

Erik, While I’m happy to identify Red Wing dinnerware and provide an estimate of value, I am not willing to attempt to connect buyers and sellers. My recommendation of specific seller would not be fair to others who might also have the item for sale, some of whom are likely members of the organization that sponsors this website. Brittany pieces are readily available in antique shops and eBay. In fact I’m quite certain I saw a Brittany sugar bowl listed on eBay within the past couple of days. You could also place a classified ad in the RWCS newsletter or a free ad on the Wing Tips website. Larry