Bobwhite two-section serving bowl

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I’m looking for a home for a couple of pieces of Redwing pottery. I have a 15" Redwing Pottery Bobwhite pitcher and a roughly L-shaped 14" by 10" Bobwhite two-section serving bowl, both of which miraculously survived my college years and several decades of storage in my attic. Both are un-chipped, although the pitcher does appear to have a 3/8" hairline discoloration adjacent to the spout although the glaze appears intact. Could you tell me what they might be worth?

Peter, I found no photo included with your question, but I’ll work with your descriptions. The L-shaped two-section dish sounds like a divided vegetable dish. Shops often ask around $50 for them but the ones I’ve seen at auction usually sell in the $20 to $30 range.

Bob White water pitchers (with an ice stop) were made in two sizes. The 60 oz size is about 11.5 inches high while the 112 oz size is about 14.5 inches high. There is also a beverage server with stopper; it has a flat rim (no ice stop) and is about 12.5 inches high. If your 15 inch measurement is accurate you have a large 112 oz water pitcher, which is a relatively difficult piece to find. Prices seem to range widely for this pitcher. I’ve seen them sell for under $50 and for more than $150 in excellent condition. A good ballpark value would be around $100. The hairline in your pitcher will reduce the value by 25 to 50%. Without a photo it’s impossible for me to assess the damage. Larry