I have a Red Wing one cup teapot that was given to me by my Grandmother. She was a collector of teapots and had several Red Wing pieces. I would appreciate an estimated value of my teapot. My Grandmother paid $8.50 for it in 1993 at an estate auction of an old friend.

Thank you for your time. Daisie

Daisie, your little teapot is part of the Gypsy Trail Hostess Ware line and it was made for about two years. It is listed in an April 1940 catalog and continues on through the January 1942 catalog. But it is not included in the June 1942 catalog, so production had ceased by that time. The April 1940 catalog is the earliest we have for the Hostess Ware line. We believe it marks the introduction of the Hostess Ware pieces but are not certain.

The 1940 catalog refers to your teapot as "Streamlined". This teapot was made in two sizes: 2 cup and 5 cup. The catalog also lists three other items in the Streamlined shape: water jug, covered casserole (in two sizes), and covered ice box jug. All were available in the four traditional Gypsy Trail "deep" colors (blue, orange, yellow and turquoise) as well as pastel pink and pastel green.

The 2 cup version of this teapot is more readily found today than the 5 cup. I would place the value of a pink 2 cup Streamlined teapot in excellent condition in the $40 to $60 range. Your description does not mention the condition of your teapot. The photo does not show any obvious chips or cracks, but if such damage exists the value of the teapot will drop significantly. The photo does reveal significant crazing in the glaze. Some collectors find crazing to be attractive; others do not. Personally I prefer pieces without crazing so I would value your teapot $20 to $25 lower than the range given above. But another collector could see the crazing as a positive rather than a negative and be willing to pay more. In the end, value is in the eyes of the beholder.