Vase Marked “4144” matte black glaze

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This object is classically inspired vase or a strawberry pot. It has a matte glaze inside and out that is blue with darker speckles. It is 9" tall and 6" in largest diameter. It has no obvious makers marks on it, though I believe I have detected a ‘4144’ and perhaps ‘RL’ scratched faintly into the bottom. This vase is heavy and appears to be made of stoneware. It has one small chip on the rim. I’m grasping at straws to identify this vase. I’m no expert but it looks a bit like a vase attributed to Waco (KY) pottery. Another online site suggests it might be a Roadside Craftsmen (NY) product. In viewing some other Red Wing vases, the blue glaze and fluting appeared similar to them. Moreover, my aunt, who owned this vase, had relatives who lived in Red Wing. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks for your time. John


Answer: Hi John

it is a strawberry pot/vase, but It’s not done by Red Wing. It does look to be factory done, not your average hobby shop item. Most Waco items I know of are marked as such. I’m not sure who did this. Sorry we can;t be of more help. thanks, steve n rose