Indian Chief and Indian Woman bookends marked Red Wing

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I have a pair of bookends finished with a dark brown glaze. On one bookend is a seated Indian Chief and on the other a seated Indian woman. "Red Wing" is written into a small area beneath the woman. There are numerous indentions into the clay which look like a sharpened pencil was inserted– I’m guessing it was to keep the clay from exploding during firing due to excess thickness. Any idea whether these are made by Red Wing??? They are rather "arts and crafts" looking. Frank


Answer: Hi Frank

hard to say for sure, it’s not a listed factory item. some items were made at the factory by workers that we call lunch hour pieces, not a catalog piece. If the clay is red, it could be a sewer tile item as well. A pic would be most helpful, if you can do that. thanks, steve n rose

Please post photo via the ask the expert form or email to