Red Wing 3018, M3007 and M 3014

Hello! I recently picked these 3 vases up at an estate sale. The first on is #3018 and it is 22.25" tall and 5.5" wide at the base. The second on is #m-3014 and it is 12.25" tall and 12" at its widest point. The third vase is #m-3007 and it is 12.25" tall and 7" wide. I know that the 2 that start with M are Murphy vases but is the other one? The style looks similar to the middle one. Also how would you describe the styles and glazes? Thank you so much for your time. Reid

Answer: Hi Reid

these are decorator line items, from 1959. they are a crystalline glaze, the first two I think are burnt orange. All of these are attributed to Murphy. A nice group, value could be around 1000.00 for the set. thanks, steve n rose