Red Wing 1144 Engobe, Charles Murphy Designer

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We have a #1144 nude with lyre. She has whitish hair and lyre while her robe is an electric blue. I have no photo at this time but the only flaw is a tiny chip off the sharp corner of the base down under her left hand. I have been told it is valuable and wonder if your organization has a convention with an auction. Or do you think eBay is the place for this lovely piece? Could you give me a range of value. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Jane

Answer: Hi Jane

This is a Murphy design, from 1942, the Engobe pieces are always sought after. We do have several auctions during our summer convention in July, and ebay works to sell rarer items as well. Value is around 500.00, but it’s hard to say what it will actually bring, auctions are fickle… thanks, steve n rose