Red WIng M-1453, Charles Murphy designer

I just bought a piece of pottery at an antique store and it says Red Wing USA M1453 on the bottom. The antique store said it was a Banana Leaf tray made in 1954. It has a green top and yellow underside with raised leaf veins. It appears to have no flaws although I am suspicious of on area on the edge that might have been smoothed although looking at it you wouldn’t know unless you rubbed your finger over it. I paid 46.28 with tax and it goes very well with my decor but I am wondering if the price was accurate and if there are other pieces out there that I might look for. Thank-you Barb Gerlach

Answer: Hi Barb

some Red Wing has some minor flaws. the date is correct, from 1954, a design by Charles Murphy. The price seems to be about right. There are a couple other similiar shapes, M1445, and M1446, both bowls as well. I think the glaze color is woodland green. happy hunting, thanks, steve n rose