Red Wing Art Pottery, 212/118

We found this neat ‘pot’ on the East Coast of Florida at a brand new antiques mall. The seller didn’t even know it was Red Wing, although obviously the mark on the bottom says, "Red Wing Art Pottery." The ‘pot’ or vase stands approx. 9 1/2" and measures 7" at its maximum circumference. Interestly, it has TWO mold #s stamped on its bottom! #212 AND #118. It looks like unfinished brushware. It has the beautiful green interior, but NO designs on the exterior. Question = what is the piece and how much is it worth? Thank you for your research & investigation. J+K

Answer: J+k

it is an odd one, I don’t have anything on the #118, except a birdbath, but #212 is a shape number from the late twenties, a plain, simple form, usually done in Nokomis glaze, but as you see, it’s not…. it looks like it never got finished, lots of odd things got out of the factory. Value is around 90.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose